Breathwork journey for mama’s

A path to selfcare & self-love

Start april 11th until june.
A 3 month journey – an intimate circle for only 4 mama’s

Be you, feel free and let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore.

A breathwork journey for our life givers of the earth

  • Release tension, stress and emotions & rediscover a deep connection with yourself.
  • Breathe deeply and feel liberated in your own body once again.
  • Discover your strength and inner peace within yourself and make choices that align with who you are.
  • Give expression to your truth and let your voice be heard.
  • Cultivate self-love, set your boundaries and prioritize self-care.
  • Allow your sexual energy to flow again and feel free to fully enjoy without shame.
  • Experience the power of group work and connect with like-minded mama’s.
  • Discover a deep intimacy with your body, your heart and your womb.

Breathwork is a method for self-healing.
The deeper you breathe, the more space, calmness, energy and connection you experience. Breathwork teaches you to stand in your own power, feel secure in your body and release and integrate unprocessed emotions and experiences. It brings you closer to yourself, closer to your true ‘being.’

What is breathwork?
During these workshops, we engage in deep ‘connected breathing’ techniques, exploring tensions within the body together. These tensions may have been present for years, as stress, intense events, and trauma are often unconsciously stored in our bodies. Deep breathing brings awareness to your feelings and the location of tension. Connected breathing increases oxygen flow to cells, muscles, and tissues, facilitating the release of old emotional and physical tension. This allows for complete relaxation and creates more space for connection—with yourself and with others.

In 6 sessions learn to feel and let go
In this series of 6 sessions, we travel through the belts of tensions in the body where emotional energy and stress may be stored. Through breathwork and specific exercises targeting these belts of tension, you gradually learn to release tension and express your emotions, feelings, and desires.

6 elements to feeling better
In this workshop, you are lovingly guided on a journey to yourself, incorporating techniques from BBTRS® (BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System). BBTRS focuses on releasing tension and stress, integrating six elements: deep connected breath, inquiry, touch & bodywork (massage), movement & dance, conscious emotional expression, sound, meditation, and mindfulness.

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Breathwork session for new mama’s – a path to selfcare and self-love

Session 1: Open up your eyes | april 11th, 10:30 – 13:30
The eyes are often referred to as the mirrors of your soul. This workshop focuses on exploring and releasing tension in the muscles around the eyes, head and skull. Hours spent on the computer and mobile devices create eye strain and impact your vision. Overthinking, worrying, and overanalyzing contribute to tension in the head. Shocking experiences can influence your nervous system.

How you perceive the world largely shapes your life. You can gain valuable insights by looking into someone’s eyes. In this workshop, we shift from the head to the body, fostering clarity and relaxation around the eyes and surrounding muscles. This positively affects your entire body.

Physical complaints: full head, blurry vision, stress, tension headaches.

Emotional: How do you see the world around you?

Session 2: Express your truth | April 25th, 10:30 – 13:30
Your throat is your center of truth. This workshop focuses on experiencing and releasing tension around the throat area (jaw, mouth, chin, ears, neck, tongue, and throat). Not expressing your truth (due to feeling unsafe) can result in a lump in your throat. Frustration can cause tension in the jaw. In this session, you’ll learn to use your voice and express your own sound and truth.

Physical: sore throat, hoarse voice, trembling voice, stuttering, speaking softly, jaw pain, headaches, feeling unable to breathe, tightness in the throat.

Emotional: Do I dare to express my truth?

Session 3: Connect to your heart | Thursday, 1st of may , 10:30 – 13:30
The heart symbolizes love. This workshop focuses on experiencing and releasing tension around your heart area (chest, lungs, shoulders, arms, and diaphragm). Through a cacao ceremony, we will connect more deeply with your heart and your heart longings. This beautiful workshop provides insights into your protective mechanisms for safeguarding your beautiful heart. You’ll learn to enhance self-love.

Physical complaints: shoulder tension, shallow high breathing, quick panic, chest and arm pain, heartbreak, grief.

Emotional: What strategy have I developed to protect my heart?

Session 4: Feel and release your emotions | May 17th , 13:30 – 16:30
The belly is often called the second brain. This workshop focuses on exploring and releasing tension around the muscles and organs in the abdomen. The focus in this session is to consciously welcome, give space and release emotions. Emotions are considered energy in motion. Holding onto emotions creates tension in the body. By letting them flow, we create space and freedom. Welcome your emotions and learn from these teachers.

Physical complaints: knot in the stomach, nausea from tension, digestive issues, eczema.

Emotional: What emotions do I feel or block?

Session 5: Connect to your sexual energy | may 23rd, 10:30 – 13:30
Your life energy resides in your pelvic belt. This workshop focuses on experiencing and releasing tension around your pelvic area. You’ll learn to reconnect with your sensuality, creativity and lifeforce energy. Through breath, movement and special exercises, you can remove blockages, allowing lifeforce energy to flow freely from the pelvis through your body.

Physical complaints: low libido, pelvic & lower back pain, fatigue.

Emotional: Do I dare to let my sexual/creative energy flow?

Session 6: Connect to your inner peace & strength | june 6th , 10:30 – 13:30
This workshop is about integrating all the knowledge and tools you’ve learned in the previous sessions. You can listen to the wisdom of your body and let your breath and body be your guide. You release what needs to be released and let lifeforce energy flow again, and return to yourself in peace and strength. From self-awareness, trust, inner peace and strength we connect with others.


“ I strongly felt my feminine, sensual energy flowing through my entire body and being. A power was unleashed that I hadn’t recognized before, strong yet soft and incredibly liberated. Free to flow, feel, and above all, move. Suddenly, I felt completely myself! If that’s what coming home to oneself feels like, I never want to leave again.”

“ After a year of loss and grief, I find myself able to breathe deeply again. It’s as if I’ve been able to loosen the chains of sorrow that were tightly wound around me and I am once again at home in my body. The guidance from Natalie was professional and warm. I felt safe, supported and I feel grateful. This allowed me to let go what ever needed to be released’.


Complete program of 6 workshops: 666 euro  (111 per session)
Single workshop: 122 euro

We give priority to people who book the entire program.

Participants: min and max 4 mothers
Location: scheveningseweg 72, Den Haag
Language : ENGLISH or DUTCH

1  Wednesday 13-3-2024                                                                          10:30 – 13:30Open up  
2Thursday 28-3-202410:30 – 13:30Express your truth
3Thursday 11-4-202410:30 – 13:30Connect to your heart
4Thursday 25-4-202410:30 – 13:30Feel and release your emotions
5Wednesday 1-5-202410:30 – 13:30Connect to your sexual energy  
6Friday 17-5-202410:30 – 13:30Connect to your inner peace & strength.  

It is time to connect with your true self.

If not now, then when?

This workshop is for you if you are looking for:

  • Peace of mind
  • Cultivating selfcare & selflove
  • Deep connection to your body and womb
    • Enhancing emotional awareness (emotions, desires, body, boundaries)
    • Releasing stress, tension and emotions
    • Understanding (limiting) patterns
    • Trauma release
    • Living in the present moment (rather than the past or future)
    • Personal and spiritual development
    • Living from the heart and intuition
    • Experiencing more life energy, strength and focus
    • Deepening connection with your true essence
    • Connecting with like-minded mothers
    • Feeling more balance and grounded
    • Prioritizing time and loving attention for yourself
    • Being curious about the power of breath.

Verandering vraagt moed en daarin willen we je ondersteunen.

Who is your facilitator?
Natalie Carnier is a certified Shiatsu massage Therapist for mama’s, BioDynamic Breathwork facilitator for trauma release, trauma-informed mindfulness trainer and yoga instructor. It is my mission to guide people towards their inner peace and strength.

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Reasons to contact me:
• Severe asthma or traumas
• Recovering from surgery
• Epilepsy
• High blood pressure or heart conditions
• Pregnancy
• Currently undergoing psychological treatment

Connect with your inner peace & strength.